Philippa Woolf


Philippa has extensive experience in a range of senior and diverse management positions. Philippa worked for over 15 years within and managing high level investigative units such as the Major Crime Squad and task forces investigating serious criminal matters such child sexual assault as drug trafficking, homicide, armed robbery and organised crime.


Following those duties, Philippa was promoted to the role of co-ordinating over 300 specialist resources (Police Negotiators, Special Weapons and Public Order teams) to respond to high risk and volatile public order incidents across NSW. Philippa has been an accredited police negotiator for over 13 years and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and finely developed communication skills. Working in a continuous high pressure/major consequence environment has resulted in Philippa developing excellent decision making and leadership abilities.

Between 2005 – 2010 Philippa held the position of HR Manager, Northern Region. In this role Philippa was the internal people management consultant responsible for HR strategy and implementation for 2400 staff. Her direct report functions included the teams responsible for HR processes and strategy, equity and diversity, injury management and welfare, training and development and work, health and safety. Her role has required her to lead change management initiatives around significant structural and policy programs that directly affected large numbers of staff. As part of those reforms she was involved in negotiations with industrial and union bodies, communities and staff.

Supporting people that perform highly stressful, dangerous work on a daily basis that includes the additional pressures of high levels of scrutiny and accountability required Philippa to develop a range of welfare management programs that focused on building resilience. Philippa has also been involved in the developing and delivering learning program to government sector on ethics management as part of the nationally accredited training courses.

Philippa has experience delivering and evaluating vocational education since 1990 when she began writing and delivering on training programs at the NSW Police Academy. In her later management positions, she was responsible for the administration, delivery and evaluation of national competency-based training, industry specific education programs and tailored leadership courses.

Philippa has tertiary qualifications in HR and Business Management (Monash University), Psychology (Sydney University), and Conflict Resolution (Charles Sturt University). She is a nationally accredited mediator. Since 2010 Philippa expanded her knowledge and holds qualifications in Work Health and Safety, statutory compliance, government investigations, workplace inspections, emergency management and vocational education.

Since forming her own HR consultancy and RTO, Philippa has worked with a range of government and specifically regulatory agencies. Her business has continued to develop due to the genuine tailoring of the learning and development programs particularly and the experience of her facilitation and vocational team who consistently deliver quality programs resulting in many repeat clients.

Philippa has also worked with Scotland Yard, London Metropolitan Police, New York Department of Consumer Affairs, Essex Police and Bramshill Police College on a number of HR projects including training, workforce planning and employee welfare and management initiatives.

Philippa’s innovative approach and long term commitment to positive people management
has been recognised with various Commissioner’s Awards and also externally by the
NSW Government Treasury Management Fund in relation to risk management.

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